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What Are Smart Blinds & Are They Worth It?

Posted on 2/28/2024

What Are Smart Blinds?

Discover the future of window treatments with smart blinds. These innovative blinds are equipped with technology that allows you to control and automate their movement, transforming the way you interact with your windows. Smart blinds offer a seamless integration of convenience and style, bringing a modern touch to your living space. 

What Are the Benefits of Smart Blinds?

1. Convenience and Automation:
Smart blinds simplify your daily routine by allowing you to automate their operation. Schedule opening and closing times, set preferences, and enjoy the convenience of hands-free control.

2. Enhanced Privacy:
Enjoy enhanced privacy with precise control over the positioning of your blinds. Adjust them to your preferred level without the need to manually handle cords or pull mechanisms.

3. Energy Efficiency:
Smart blinds contribute to energy efficiency by allowing you to optimize natural light and temperature in your home. This not only reduces reliance on artificial lighting but also helps regulate indoor temperatures.

4. Remote Accessibility:
Control your blinds from anywhere with the convenience of remote access. Whether you're at home or away, the ability to manage your blinds remotely adds an extra layer of control to your living environment.

What Is the Point of Smart Blinds?

The primary purpose of smart blinds is to provide a modern, convenient, and efficient solution to traditional window treatments. By integrating technology into your blinds, you gain control over their movement, schedule, and position, enhancing your overall living experience. Smart blinds add a layer of sophistication to your home while offering practical benefits such as energy efficiency and enhanced privacy.

How Do You Use Smart Blinds?

Using smart blinds is remarkably simple and user-friendly. After installation, connect your smart blinds to a compatible app on your smartphone or tablet. From the app, you can control the blinds manually, set schedules for automatic adjustments, and customize preferences to suit your lifestyle. The intuitive interface ensures a seamless and personalized user experience.

Alta blinds app

Do Smart Blinds Help Save Energy?

Absolutely, smart blinds contribute to energy savings by allowing you to harness natural light efficiently. With automated schedules and precise control over blind positioning, you can maximize sunlight during colder months, reducing the need for artificial lighting and heating. This energy-conscious approach contributes to both environmental sustainability and cost savings.

Do Smart Blinds Need To Be Plugged In?

This depends on what power source your smart blinds are running on. Here are the different options available:

  • Battery-Powered: Opting for the simplest solution, you can choose motorized blinds and roller shades powered by batteries. In contrast to traditional string-operated blinds, these motorized counterparts feature a tube attached at the top that raises the shade. The power source is a battery connected to a motor, eliminating the need for complicated wiring. 
  • Hardwired: For those seeking a low-maintenance alternative to battery-powered options, hardwiring your motorized blinds is a viable choice. Various motor types are available, each requiring a specific voltage to operate. However, these motors need to be connected to a wall outlet to function. While this method might involve a higher initial cost, it is generally more economical in the long run compared to constantly recharging batteries. 
  • DC Power Adaptor: An energy-efficient and convenient alternative is to use a DC power adaptor to operate your motorized blinds and shades. Similar to hardwired blinds, the DC power adaptor requires an outlet connection. This option ensures you won't need to replace batteries, providing a hassle-free and sustainable solution for powering your window treatments. 

Types of Motorized Blinds

Here are the different types of motorized or smart blinds you can find on the market:

  • Roller Blinds: Elevate your window or door with motorized roller blinds, where fabric gracefully rolls up onto a tube positioned at the top. Offering complete privacy when raised and effectively blocking sunlight when lowered, these blinds are effortlessly controlled with the touch of a button on an accompanying remote control or wall switch. 
  • Venetian Blinds: Add a touch of style to your space with motorized Venetian blinds, showcasing horizontal slats that tilt for adjustable light control when opened or closed. Operating these blinds is a breeze, thanks to the convenience of a remote control or wall switch, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the slats to your desired angle. 
  • Roman Blinds: Discover the perfect blend of elegance and functionality with motorized Roman blinds. Characterized by horizontal pleats that neatly fold up when opened and hang flat when closed, these blinds offer effective light and privacy control. Navigate their operation seamlessly using a remote control or wall switch. 
  • Vertical Blinds: Achieve complete light control and privacy with motorized vertical blinds. Featuring vertical panels connected by a top track, these blinds can be swiveled to open from one side or the other. Operating them is as simple as pressing a button on the provided remote control or wall switch, offering both convenience and versatility. 

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Commonly Asked Questions:

What is the difference between electric blinds and motorized blinds?
The difference between electric blinds and motorized blinds is close to none! The terms "electric blinds" and "motorized blinds" can often be used interchangeably, but there is a subtle distinction. Electric blinds typically refer to window treatments that are powered by electricity but may not necessarily have motorized functionality.

On the other hand, motorized blinds specifically incorporate a motor for automated movement, allowing for remote or automated control. In essence, all motorized blinds are electric, but not all electric blinds are motorized.

How are smart blinds powered?
Smart blinds can be powered through various methods. The most common options include battery power, hardwiring, or plug-in adaptors.

Do smart blinds need to be plugged In?
The power source for smart blinds depends on the specific model and design. While some smart blinds operate on batteries, others may require a continuous power source.

How much do automated blinds cost?
The cost can vary depending on the model and brand of the automated blinds. Give us a call and one of our experts can help you find the perfect automated blinds to fit your budget.